How To Improve At Car Games In 60 Minutes

How To Improve At Car Games In 60 Minutes
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A new breed of pop is finally here. Fresh from Britain with a unique name and an even more diverse sound, the Ting Tings have infiltrated the world music scene. The combined genius of Jules de Martino and amazing vocals of Katie White give us intoxicating songs like Shut Up and Let Me Go, Great DJ, and That's Not My Name. Now, as their popularity heightens, we see the Ting Tings' videos like Shut Up and Let Me Go on famous music channels much to the excitement of Ting Tings fans clubs all over the globe.

The video for Shut Up and Let Me Go played around with the concept of psychedelic pop, arcade games, modernistic shapes, and unadulterated funk of the 21st century. What made the video more interesting are the fight scenes between Jules and Katie. The choreography is seamless and the performance of the two in the video is a sight to behold. The great concept of the video has earned it nominations from various video music awards in Europe.

It might be difficult to believe that such a different-sounding band can penetrate into the crazy world of music industry filled with noisy rock and jaded actors-turned-singers. But better believe it. The Ting Tings' brand of pop is not just a fad. This might even be their ticket to their dream music career.

Katie White's exceptional vocal works and feisty stage presence are driving forces that skyrocketed them to the fame they are enjoying at the moment. Put into the mix Jules' out-of-the-box musical ideas and you get a beautifully repackaged funk pop sans pretentious lyrics and poorly concocted melodies.

The band means business. They are not new talents invented or discovered by some label. Jules and Katie have been in and out of the music biz years before the Ting Tings have been formed. Exposed to different genres, the two have been to hell and back, to band breakups and surviving the harsh reality of the local music scene. Just when they felt tired of the music industry, Jules met Katie, decided to form a band, created their own style, and as the cliche goes, the rest is history.

When the song, Shut Up and Let Me Go started receiving generous airplays in US radios, England has proved to be too small to contain the talent of the duo. Featured in famous American TV shows like Gossip Girl, the songs suddenly became the theme song of music enthusiasts hungry for mainstream originality that doesn't betray fine artistic taste.

Currently, the Ting Tings is doing their much anticipated European tour encompassing countries like Spain, Germany, Belgium and London. Plans about their Asian tour are already in the works, and soon enough, the rest of the world can have a peek of their amazing live performances. A great future is in store for the band as efforts for another Ting Tings videos are in production.
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